Kids hit hard by Covid-19 second wave: Dr Durga Prasad

Hyderabad : Dr Durga Prasad, Medical Director Ankura Hospital for women and children, has said that the ongoing Covid-19 surge is taking a toll on children’s health with several hospitals reporting a sharp rise in the number of children between the age of one and five.

Unlike last year, the virus is affecting infants, with some as young as one-and-a-half months old getting admitted to hospital. 2021, unlike 2020 is different for kids. In 2020, most children were asymptomatic and were rarely affected, he said.

But due to the high infectivity and simultaneous 3-4 strains in the country, a lot of children are getting infected. The virus has a higher attaching capability and children are also reporting symptoms, Dr Durga Prasad said in a release here on Friday.

In what should worry Indian parents the most, an increasing number of children are now being infected with Covid-19 along with serious symptoms in the ongoing lethal second wave.
As the coronavirus situation in India has turned grim with the country’s daily count crossing the 3 lakh mark, calling the situation ‘very dangerous’, pediatricians have asserted that the virus is taking a toll on the newborn and the youth.

Several Indian children are testing positive for Covid-19 infection the country grapples with escalating virus cases in the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors across the country have confirmed that even newborns and infants are testing Covid-19 positive, though their condition remains under control and rarely turns fatal.
However, children between 5-12 years are at a greater risk. In some hospitals, mothers have to accompany their children who are showing severe symptoms.

Last year, across the world, around 11 per cent affected were children. But this year, globally, we are witnessing almost 20-40 per cent of children among positive cases, the release said.

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