ED raids on fake Covid-19 vaccines case at different locations in Kolkata

Kolkata : The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesday raided the residence of Debanjan Deb, the prime accused of fake vaccine case and different locations of his associates in the city.

Nearly 70 officials of the ED, aided by the CRPF personnel, both men and women, fanned out in groups since morning and began searching at least 10 locations in the city and its surrounding areas, including the residence of the prime accuse at Madurdaha.

Deb, who is now arrested by the Kolkata police for running a fake vaccines camp with a premium price of up to Rs 25,000 at Kasba in south Kolkata posing himself as an IAS official with the state government.

Besides the fake vaccine camp, Deb was also allegedly involved in black marketing of oxygen, and remdesivir and other Covid-19 related medical equipment with high prices.

Debanjan Deb, who has been arrested and charged-sheeted by the city police for carrying out a racketing, was also accused of opening a fraud bank account in the name of Kolkata’s Municipal Corporation.

The central investigation agency also launched its investigation to find out the financial details.

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