NIT-Rourkela emerged as the 2nd largest Govt.Tech Institute in Eastern India : President Kovind

Bhubaneswar : The National Institute of Technology ( NIT ) – Rourkela has emerged as the second-largest government run Technology Institute in Eastern India and it has Made significant contribution to the field of engineering and technology, President Ram Nath Kovind said today while addressing the convocation ceremony of the institute.

For over six decades, this engineering college has been enriching the pool of technical professionals in the country. In 2002, it was given the status of National Institute of Technology. The young students are being exposed to innovative methods of providing engineering solutions to the issues facing our society and the country, he said.

“I am pleased to know that NIT Rourkela has students from all over India and also from other countries. I am pleased to know that NIT Rourkela has students from 33 out of the total 36 states and union territories of India. I am told that students of 17 different countries are also enrolled in various academic disciplines. Thus the community of over 7000 students studying in this beautiful 700 acre campus represents rich diversity. It increases cross-pollination of learning and promotes understanding between different cultures.

It also strengthens people-top people ties between nations”, he said. Its 25,000 plus strong alumni has a large number of corporate leaders, academic and research institutes in India and abroad. I am sure that the alumni of this prestigious institute will be a source of inspiration for the students here. I am sure that the students graduating today will strengthen the rich legacy of this institute, he added.

Dwelling on the State’s glorious past, President Kovind said “Odisha has been immensely rich in history and culture. It has been the cradle of scientific approach since early times. Built about 800 years ago, the Sun Temple at Konark is an example of perfect blend of art and science.

I am looking forward to my visit to the temple tomorrow. It is listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in India. Odisha is associated with the rebuilding of our nation after independence.

It was here in Rourkela that one of my illustrious predecessors, Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first  President of India, dedicated to the nation the first blast furnace of a large Steel Plant in India. As one of the first industrial urban centres in India, the city has kept pace with modernization.

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