Sadar Panchayat Representatives not Seen at Welcome of BDO

Nischintkoili: New block Development Officer Dharmaranjan Panda has joined the Nischintkoili block office less than a week, while the said Nischintkoili block consists of 27
Gram Panchayats under Mahanga Constituency and 14 Gram Panchayats of Cuttack Sadar Constituency. Informational BDO A week has passed since Mr. Panda’s participation, while Mr. Panda
contacted Mahanga MLA Pratap Jena and had a courtesy meeting, it is reported from a special source that he did not contact the Cuttack Sadar MLA. Because of this,
many representatives of the 14 Gram Panchayats of Nischintakoili Block CuttackSadar Constituency raised their  voices and disapproved of the new BDO actions. Even in the
welcome promotion program of BDO and AO held at the block office meeting hall on Wednesday, many representatives of the 14 Gram Panchayats of Cuttack Sadar Constituency were not
present, except for two or four people.
However, while there are many discussions about the participation of public representatives of Cuttack Sadar in the said event, it is said that the said event has turned into a kind
of farce. However, in the program presided over by Block Vice President Ashok Kumar Ojha, Block chairmen Roji Sethi, Additional BDO Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Assistant engineer
Nalinikanta Mahapatra, Block BJD President Ramakant Mohanty, Ex Block chairman Girish Ranjan Mahapatra, 26th Zone BJD President Jyoti Prakash Swain, District Council President
Many members of the 27 Gram Panchayats under Mahanga Constituency, including bibhuti bhusan sendha, young leader Manoj Sethi, were present. Finally Jyoti praksh swain
thanked to last ?

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