Law and order most important for democracy: Amit Shah

New Delhi : Democracy is in the nature of India, and law and order is most important for democracy, Home Minister Amit Shah said as he addressed the 51st foundation day of the Bureau of Police Research and Development here on Saturday.

He said BPRD is an important institution in creating a link among police forces of the country.

“Democracy is the nature of our country. The biggest thing in democracy is freedom of a person and freedom of expression. It is directly linked to law and order. Democracy is not just about voting parties into power, democracy is about giving opportunity to people to progress,” Shah said.

“Without good law and order, democracy cannot survive,” he said, stressing on the importance of the police.

The Home Minister said debates are held about how institutions like Parliament, state assemblies, courts, the Election Commission and vigilance commissioners made Indian democracy successful.

“There is a lot of discussion that they have made democracy successful… I am not saying this because I am the Home Minister. I have always felt the biggest contribution in success of democracy is that of the beat constable who ensures safety of citizens,” he said.

Shah asked BPRD to revive the beat system of policing, and upgrading it with technological interventions.

He said that police are often shown in bad light, and their good work is not noticed.

“There have also been a campaign to show police in a bad light. The most difficult work in the whole government set up is that of the police,” he said, adding that their role gets little acknowledgement.

He also referred to the sacrifices made by police personnel in the country.

“Over 35,000 police personnel have died in 75 years, possibly so many soldiers would not have died in all wars. That is why the Police Memorial has been built,” he said.

The Home Minister also lauded the work done by the police forces across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.