India shows the world that it sets difficult targets and can achieve them too

Mumbai : India has made an achievement of record of 2.5 crore people were vaccinated at Pan india on the occasion of prime minister Narendra Modi birthday celebration, says OMAG General secretary Dr Ishwar Gilada.

He said Organised Medicine Academic Guild (OMAG), a federation of 15 professional associations of post-graduate doctors in India, covering 250,000 consultants, applaud the efforts of health care machinery and front-line workers who have toiled in taking the Covid-19 vaccination drive to a new heights and creating a global record. On last Friday, India vaccinated 2.5 crore people.

which is more than it had done in initial two months (2.44 crore till 14 March) cumulatively and shows India’s enviable capabilities. We expect the pace is maintainable and not unique for the day.

The western propaganda as also some from home-Turks that India being the worst Covid-19 affected nation and a serious cause of concern globally has been repeatedly proved wrong, in whatever parameters we look into. A country with No. 2 in population will by default have high numbers in any spheres, be it diseases, infections, problems and solutions. However OMAG’s initiatives helped change the dominant narrative from absolute number of people infected or dead, to science-based data as per million/lakh of population which showed India’s rank beyond 115 globally for both, in number of recorded Covid cases and Covid deaths throughout and today its 125th in cases/million and 120th in deaths/million in 221 countries globally. Similarly, when India’s eligible population for Covid vaccination is only 94 Crore, as below 18 populations out of ambit of vaccination is 40 per cent. Hence vaccinated population has been calculated with denominator of eligible and not total population that skews the ratio against India.