Widows demand Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to increase the Old age Pension from 500 to 2500

Paralakhemundi : The Livelihood of Oldage Helpless widows are miserable in the state of Odisha , Some are abandoned alone , some are Suffering on the Sick Bed and Some old age parents have Physically Challenged Children the source of income to these kind of poor old age person are miserable.

Helpless widows of Gajapati District named as Danda Sena She is have 70 Years old , her right hand is dried and She can not use her right hand , Even at the age of 70 She do not have house to Live, She have requested the Concerned Officers numbers of time to approve the Indira Awas but No officers have heard her request. She goes to village to Village for Survival .

The Old age Rs 500 Pension she receive from the State Government is used for her medicine , for her eye drops and Health Issues.

She request the State Government Naveen Patnaik to increase the old age Pension like Andhra Pradesh who is giving more than 2300 Pen Month as a Pension .If we can get Monthly Rs2500 for Monthly we can live in a prestigious manner this Rs500 is nothing helpful to us.

Similarly an old age women of Gurandi Village of Gajapati District named as Sarojini cry and said We are old women we don’t have strength to work as a daily Labour however due to poverty we come and work in a paddy field during Rice crop cultivation for few days and for the rest of the Month we sit in our House, My daughter is a Physically Challenged, She is not getting any benefits from the State Government.

We are poor People , If we become sick we will die ,Only 5 Kilo Rice and Rs 500 is not enough to survive in this World. We request the number one Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to increase the Old age Pension from Rs500 to Rs 2500 so that we can live in a Prestigious manner like a good human being or else we have to suffer miserable while we alive.

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