Police Hands is Empty after 22 days of Interrogation, ACF Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra family lose hope on Police Investigation

Paralakhemundi : ACF Souyma Ranjan Mohapatra death Case is still under Mystery, Even after 22 days of his death the Police Hand his completely Empty . 

The Netizens are trolling the Process of Police Investigation Process on the Case of ACF Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra death Mysterious on Social Media .

Gajapati SP who was looking after the case have been retired just one day before . The Public are still questioning Gajapati SP why He was so Expedite to give the Clean Chit to the DFO Gajapati, Was there any  Press from the High State Level Officers or was it a Personal Relation of Gajapati Police and DFO that made the SP to give the Clean Chit to the DFO on This Case .

The Big question raised by the Public and Netizens from day one of the Investigation Process till today. It is very clean that the Police is ” Beating around the Bush” trying to deviate the Issue to show it as an accident .

Till today ACF Souyma Ranjan Mohapatra wife have not been brought for Custodial Interrogation , ACF Souyma Ranjan Mohapatra Father’s advocate said that the Police have ample evidence to bring Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra wife Bidya Bharati for Custodial Interrogation until and Unless she is not detained or brought for Custodial Interrogation the Truth can not be revealed, Where as the Police have given enough time to destroy all the Necessary evidence to be  out of this Case .

So the entire process of Police Investigation is raising eye brow to the Public on why the Police is showing such a backfoot to Catch the Main culprit.  Previously the death of Social worker Aditya Das have been a great shock and it was aired on all the main statelite  Television  and It was Viral on Social Media to know the exact reason of the death of Aditya Das till today it is not yet ascertain how Aditya died . 

The People of Odisha are questioning the Police Department , Do they have actual power to investigate or they are remote Control by the High Level Bureaucrat of the State, There is a huge talk with the Public that Since DFO was involved in this case as per the FIR registered by ACF Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra Parents the Bureaucrats are preserizing to deviate the Case.

The Million dollar question within the Public is that will ACF Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra Family and relative get justice or it will be clearly known by the Public that the  State Police have no real intention to give justice other than trying to please their high level officers for their own selfish motives .

Today once again the Paralakhemundi Police Time will go to Bidya Bharati house for Interrogation , The Public wants to know that is it only a so called investigation process to deviate the attention of the Public or will the Police will call Bidya Bharati for Customers interrogation to reveal the Exact reason of the death , Thousands of People of Odisha and out of Odisha waiting to see the role of Odisha police on this Investigation Process

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