When ACF Soumyaranjan was 95 percent burnt and very serious, why did Vidya Bharati take him to Cuttack instead of Brahmapur…?

Paralakhemundi : After 15 days of Paralakhemudi ACF and Soumyaranjan Mohapatra, yesterday the postmortem report has come to public. It is clear that Soumyaranjan was very serious after 95 percent burnt.

The doctor in charge advised him to be admitted from Paralakhemundi district government hospital to Brahmapur hospital for immediate higher treatment.

Questions arise among the public in Paralakhemundi city as to why he was taken for treatment in Cuttack instead of admitted to Brahmapur hospital.

It is being discussed in general that why did Vidyabharati take the person who was very serious by burning 95 parts to the Brahmapur hospital on short roads to treat Cuttack on more roads instead of admitting them to the hospital in Berhampur ?

In addition to this, there is a public discussion on why Vidyabharati ambulance was stopped 3 times and wasted more than an hour at Paralakhemundi Forest Gate, Gajapati’s Gosani and Gopalpur square near Brahmapur and why such a serious person was mentioned in postmortem, Soumyaranjan’s postmortem mentioned 6 hours before postmortem Death has happened.

Soumyaranjan would have definitely been saved if Siddhasalakh was admitted to Brahmapur hospital from Paralakhemundi hospital.

Soumyaranjan’s Banai Chagle Vidya Bharati has done this knowingly in the fear of exposing all the secrets of Vidya Bharti. There is a discussion in public that Vidya Bhaarti should be arrested immediately and imposed legally.

All mysteries will be exposed in Parala.

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