Twitter upgrades Fleets feature with Tweemoji stickers: Check how the new creative tool works

Aimed at upgrading Fleets, Twitter has come up with a new feature called Twemoji stickers.

This new feature allows you to use a set of stickers on top of any image or video that a user is sharing as a Fleet. Recently announced by Twitter Japan, users were informed that they could start using the new sticker tray at the top of the Fleet creation window and then tap on any of the Twemoji, move them around on top of other content or text.

In addition to the sticker tray, a user can also search for Twemoji, implying that the company has tagged certain emoji with either descriptive names or descriptions to match user searches. 

Twitter is focused on adding more features to Fleets as it looks to increase active users and monetize more features this year.

Currently, this feature is only available in Japan and other countries will get it soon. The social media platform recently launched Voice DMs in India, Brazil and Japan, and it is also working on a feature called Spaces.

Source: Zeenews

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