Thousands offer prayers at Jagannath temple

Puri: Thousands of devotees on Saturday entered Sri Jagannath temple and offered prayers to Lord Jagannath and his siblings.
Heavy rush of devotees was witnessed since early morning in this pilgrim town as Saturday wasthe last day of the month when the temple is open for devotees.
The temple administration had announced that the temple would be closed for the devotees from January 10 to January 31 in the wake of rising Covid cases in the state.
On January 9, being Sunday the temple would be closed for the devotees as the entire temple complex would be sanitized.
The Temple gates were opened by 4.30AM on Saturday and after observance of mangal arati, mailum, abakash, Surya Puja, Rosahoma and offering of Gopal Bhog, the devotees were allowed inside through the Simhadwar by 5.30 AM.
A large number of devotees who had been standing in the queue for hours since early morning went in as soon as it was announced to enter the 12th century shrine.
The security men ensured that devotees observe Covid-appropriate norms and furnish RT-PCR negative certificates obtained within 96 hours or complete vaccination certificate.
The devotees entered through Lions gate and came out through the other three gates.
The Administration has made arrangements with the servitors so that devotees get Mahaprasad without entering the temple.
The Devotees, however, could have darshan of Patitapaban maintaining social distance without entering into the temple from January 10.

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