Tension and demolition in Parala on the suspicion of Gunigaredi

Paralakhemundi : Parlakhemundi city’s ward number 1 was seen over suspicion of Guni Garedi. There was a tension in the local area during the late night yesterday.

In the local area, a woman allegedly harassed people differently and the cause of the death of some people, has seen holla and rage in the area.

The people of the area got excited about this, Gunigaredi and collectively destroyed the house of the suspect. People got angry over this and destroyed motorcycles and autorickshaw.

Along with this, a minor girl was also accused of counting. Paralakhemundi Ideal Police got the news about the incident and made the situation understand the angry people and the police deployed the situation.

Police Station Officer Vivekananda Swain informed that the case was registered on 147/21 at Paralakhemundi Adarsh Police Station.

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