Police and Crime Branch in the death case of ACF Soumyaranj, suspicion of loss of evidence. Demand for CBI investigation

Paralakhemundi : Paralakhemudi ACF Soumyaranjan Mohapatra’s  death has created suspicion of police trying to save some of the office bearers along with the loss of evidence, the International Human Rights Council workers at Paralakhemundi have declared.

In a press conference organized by the International Human Rights Council at Paralakhemundi, state president Alok Kumar Bose said that the mystery of Soumyaranjan’s death has been jointly investigated by the police and the crime branch.

Gajapati SP Tapan Kumar Pattnaik has given cleanchit to three people of DFO Sangram Keshari Behera, Rosheya Manmath Kumbh and Gurandi police station officer Mamata Panda in this incident. This incident is going to last 21 days. But the real reason for this has not come to public.

Even some politicians and officers are trying to influence the investigation process. He has expressed that the suspicion of police trying to save some elderly people along with the loss of evidence of Soumyaranjan’s death.

Hence, to get justice to Soumya’s father, Chief Judge, Governor, Chief Minister, Police DG from NHRC has declared that it will be attracted to the CBI investigation premises.

Apart from this, police and crime branch are not capable of removing the mystery of Soumya’s death. NHRC’s Gajapati district secretary Pronoj Kumar Pattnaik has questioned through media that why police were given the keys of his government residence to DFO after Soumya’s accident.

How did the DFO even put it? When Soumya’s father complained against DFO, Vidya Bharati and Roseya, why didn’t he seal another lock. So the police knowingly gave the keys to the DFO and allegedly destroyed all the evidence under police pressure before they arrived.

Gajapati district NHRC state president Alok Kumar Bose has said that police investigation is suspicious and action will be taken by the NHRC to investigate the incident while many such questions have arisen.

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