Second oxygen express train reaches Lucknow

Lucknow : The second Oxygen Express train carrying four oxygen filled tankers reached here on Monday.The first such train reached the state capital on Saturday.

The 4 oxygen filled tankers which reached Lucknow on Monday will supply around 75 metric tonne of oxygen to the needy hospitals and patients in the state capital.

Another rack carrying oxygen will reach Varanasi by late evening and Lucknow till midnight, which will supply 1 tanker in Varanasi and 4 tankers in Lucknow.

Divisional Railway Mansger(DRM), Lycknow Division Sanjay Tripathi said here on Monday that as part of the ongoing efforts towards the availability of oxygen supply, this relief work was done for the patients by the Division successfully operating the Oxygen Express trains.

He said these special trains cover 705 km through a Green Corridor set up so that these trains can be operated at a constant speed without stopping and reach their destination in a short time.

These Oxygen Express train run from Bokaro via DDU, Varanasi, Sultanpur stations in just 16:30 hours .

Mr Tripathi said that by providing top priority to the survival and service of the people affected by the global pandemic and to the interests of the nation, the Railway Board as per the need of the State Administration will runs these Oxygen Express trains.

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