Online Class: Need of the Hour

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” over the years we have clearly seen that every new discovery and invention has happened in the dearth hour of crisis. Probably the human brain is engineered to work best when the worst critical situation arises. Therefore, one can see that even in the pandemic, which has literally frozen the lives of millions bringing our busy routine life to a standstill, education has managed to steer itself out of the dark tunnel and begin its sail smoothly again. Digitization, embraced by educationists all over the world has ensured that learning cannot stop.The transition from physical world to virtual platform, pen and paper to laptops, tablets, mobiles, office to work from home has become the new normal. Every individual has adapted to isolation and social distancing as social networking has taken life by the storm. Children of this new normal era are techno savvy and digital experts who seem to be tailor made to adjust in the new era.

Flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances is the need of the hour to ensure sustainability. The education we are providing needs to just ensure inclusion of values and humane virtues, love and care for Mother Nature and compassion for others. As leaders, education experts, we are morally entitled to ascertain that we provide these values to the children we come across. We endeavor to include these life skill tips in our lessons as daily capsules to equip our children with skills to face a challenging tomorrow. Our shoulders bear the responsibilities of architecting a society of capable responsible and able bodied individuals who can overcome challenges, hurdles and emerge victorious in the toughest battles.

Tough we are hearing news of digital divide in education in our country due to want of Smart phones and Internet connections in the less privileged class but their seems to be no other option in the current pandemic and different governments including Odisha have again began to resume online classes from June 1, 2021 to avert further delay in beginning the new semester sessions.

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