Missing of Tigress: Combing operation started in Satkoshia

Angul: Combing operation is continuing to trace the only Tigress in Satkoshia. Report says the last residential RBT of
Satkoshia has been missing more than one month.The forest employees of four Forest Divisions like Athgarh,
Athmallik, Dhenkanal and Satkoshia are engaged in the combing operation and the message is updated by the
department through their What Sapp time to time. Such operation has been emphasized by the Forest
Department and the employees devote their time without rest. In this context the DFO of such Divisions are also highly remain alert. Question arises how and where the over aged tigress became address less. According to the view of the local people the tigress had attend for sixteen years which was her last part of her life. On like to Sundari (Interstate trans located tigress) there was no any allegation against the residential tigress during her life. Keeping in view people also demand that there should be an investigation regarding the rumor of the death of a tiger in Bantala Range of Angul Forest Division on dt.30th Oct21

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