Inmates met Administration on Discrepancies at Hostel

Paralakhemundi : Boarding students of Kartika Gamango High School demanded unitedly on various irregularities of fooding & other facilities.They met with DWO addressed to Collector Gajapati on various demands.

Collectors instructed DEO & DWO to review on such proceedings. Those 2 officers given food materials & along with them visited hostel.

Meanwhile 45 students on a reserved bus gone to Paralakhemundi & submitted a memorandum filled with various demands.

About 100 students are staying where getting low quality food, problems on drinking water & toilet facilities at docile state.

On summer they hardly get water for regular uses. Staff of hostel too not serious on available funds & they are manipulating funds. Vegetables of garden taken by staff.

After hearing their grievances they started enquiry & will submit reports to Collector,said Santosh Kumar Rath, DWO & Pradip Kumar Nag, DEO.