Compliments Showered to Sarah Sharma by Gajapatians on her Birthday

Paralakhemundi : On behalf of Pujya Puja Sansad Birthday of Sarah Sharma,former SP of Gajapati & now SP Vigilance Sambalpur on virtual.Various learneds of Gajapati district & beyond joined in webinar to greet her on her Birthday.

On her short tenure at Gajapati,she basked all valuable contributions in spite of head of Law & Order of the district which accomplished her solidarity to mix with people of Gajapati.

Her profounded interest on various philanthropic gestures particularly for grassroots termed her esteemed personality. Her tranquility during post-Titli cyclone & first phase on Covid-19 brought all commendable contributions to meet people & sensitized them door to door.

Beyond that a lover as an artist could be introduced in cultural field & proved her strong vocal in classical artist on various functions. An elited personality personified her significance to bring all climate change not only of her own office to pave as guest treatment to those grievances seekers but also made Model Police Station as museum.

Her time at Gajapati district quantified her charismatic dignity to relieve pain of those worst sufferers & could sort out their pain with individual judgement.

A people’s SP for the first time Gajapati people felt her iconic & sound affections which discovered her as family member too. Various contributions she inherented & to store them on her respond to compliments expressed her interest that her script as memory through volume will be published.

Among those deemed wishers Bichitrananda Bebarta, Tanuja Satpathy, Mina Kimati Tahal, Bhagabat Padhi, Bhagyalaxmi Nayak, Raghunath Patra, Purnachandra Rath, DPriyanka, Bijay Kumar Padhi, Navin Kumar, Arpanjali Mahanty, Nityananda Choudhry, Santosh Satpathy & not the least Editor of Odisha Barta, Manojkant Dash joined on google meet & expressed their vintage thoughts on Sarah Sharma’s love for Gajapati district.

At the outset daughter of Nityananda Choudhry sang welcome song to honor Ms. Sharma. Bhagabat Padhi, President of Pujya Puja Sansad,conveyed vote of thanks to all.

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