CM appeals Odisha achieving zero-covid-infection target

Bhubaneswar: Amid the resurgence scare of Covid- 19 and most of the States, especially Maharashtra, having re-imposed lockdown to avert the pandemic situation yet again this year, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today sought the people’s cooperation in the State’s ongoing fight against Coronavirus.

In his address to the mass, the Chief Minister said, “With your cooperation, Odisha is in a good position in containing  Corona. In this context, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has praised our battle against the pandemic.

Our daily rate of infection is below 100 now. Zero infection is our target.” “I have been reiterating since long and also repeat now that complacency shown towards the pandemic is unjust because the danger still looms large. At present, the situation has got worsened in certain states, like Maharashtra , Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, etc. In some areas of Maharashtra , lockdown has now been re-imposed,” he pointed out.

The Chief Minister further reminded, “The bitter experience of lockdown is still afresh in our memory. It adversely affected our economy, social life, education of the children and all other sectors. Due to your sacrifice and  co-operation, the normal situation has limped back currently.

None of us wishes to be back again to the lockdown period. The one and only way to avoid lockdown is to be highly cautious. If we maintain utmost caution, lockdown situation will not  resurface.” “I request you all to keep on strictly following the Covid guidelines as we used to do it earlier.

 While venturing out of home, we must wear mask properly by covering the mouth and nose. Back home, wash hands with soap meticulously. We shouldn’t frequently touch our face, nose and eyes with our hands. While going to public places like the markets, we must maintain social distancing. We shouldn’t roam around outside unnecessarily,” he exhorted.

The Chief Minister also stated, “Now the vaccination against Corona is successfully underway in our State. In this context, I request your cooperation. We have lost many of our Covid warriors and their bereft kin are still in deep mourning.

We mustn’t let their sacrifice go futile. Our awareness and caution shown sincerely will be our truest homage to their supreme sacrifice.” He further stated, “I have directed the administration and police to implement and monitor the  strict observance of Covid-19 guidelines.”

“I repose full faith in you all. You will all keep my request and maintain maximum caution. We can together achieve  the target of zero infection,” stressed the Chief Minister.

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