Child marriage abandoned by child protection unit

Paralakhemundi : At Parichagaon of Gumma block of Gajapati district, child protection unit had a prodigy role to stop one child marriage. A team set by Sakhi one step working at District head quarter hospital, Paralakhemundi initiated to break a child marriage after getting information.

Alongwith administration head Bhagyalaxmi Nayak, member of child protection unit Jayaprakash Badtya, CWC chairman Pramod Kumar Roul, member Alaka Sahu;lCDS superviser, Rajeswari Patra, Childline of Prava, AMeenakshi alongwith Anganwadi & ASHA workers were present & sensitized family & parents to stop such superstitions to arrange marriage of below 18 years girl’s marriage after verified age proof from birthday certificate.

They stopped immediately such dangerous marriage & advised on it’s bad consequences on health of the girl.Also they sensitized villagers on its bad impact. Further parents advised to present at Child welfare committee & get their guidance. They imparted on various laws & act behind against child marriage.

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