Biden announces troops withdrawal from Afghanistan by Sept 11

Washington, Apr 15 (UNI) US President Joe Biden announced that US will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

“US troops, as well as forces deployed by our NATO allies and operational partners, will be out of Afghanistan before we mark the 20th anniversary of that heinous attack on Sept 11. but we will not take our eye off the terrorist threat,” the President said.

The United States will use all tools at its disposal to respond to any potential Taliban attack on US forces or partners, Biden said.

Biden said the United States will continue to monitor the terror threat in Afghanistan, adding that his administration is refining the US national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terror threats anywhere they may arise.

The United States will continue to provide assistance to the Afghan Security Forces, Biden said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in earlier remarks said the US administration expects the Taliban to abide by their obligations in a bilateral accord to not let the country become a safe haven for terrorists.

Psaki added that surrounding countries like Pakistan and India must step up to contribute to ensuring stability in the region.

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