Bengal remembers Suchitra Sen on her death anniversary

Kolkata: Bengal on Monday remembered legendary Indian silver screenicon ‘Mahanayika’ Suchitra Sen on her death anniversary.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjeepaid tribute to Mahanayika Suchitra Sen onthe
“Tribute to Mahanayika Suchitra Sen on her death anniversary,” Banerjee posted on her social networking page with a picture of the matinee idol.
Legendary actress Suchitra Sen took the nation by an ‘Aandhi’ when she made her foray intofilms
and soon became one of the best known faces of Bengali cinema.
Suchitra Sen, one of the most talented, yet most mysterious actresses, failed to make a smooth transition to B’Town, but stood out for her few powerhouse performances in Hindi films.
While she breathed her last on this day in 2014, her legacy in Bengali and Hindi cinema refusesto
leave the hearts of cinema goers in India and perhaps the world over.
Suchitra was born in Pabna, now Bangladesh as Roma Das gupta. At the age of 16, she marriedDibanath Sen, son of a wealthy Bengali industrialist. Her only daughter, Moon Moon Sen wentto become a popular actress, as did her granddaughters Riya and Raima Sen.
Suchitra was one of the few stars who made their debut on the big screen after getting married.Though her premier project ‘Shesh Kothaay’ never saw the light of day, her film opposite UttamKumar ‘Sharey Chuattor’ did well at the box office and the lead pair was propelled into fame.
Theirs was a partnership that remained unbroken for more than 20 years and they have many aBengali super hit to their name. She remained popular all through the 1960s and the 1970s andwas most famous for her on screen romances and melodramas.
Her portrayal of Paro in her first Hindi movie, Bimal Roy’s ‘Devdas’ opposite Dilip Kumar,earned her
a ‘Best Actress’ Award. Two years later, in 1957, she starred again with Kumar in ‘Musafir’.
Sen continued to act even after the death of her husband. She is perhaps best remembered in

Festival for ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ and was the first Indian female actress to receive an international film award.
The 82-year old actress also got the prestigious ‘Banga Bhibhushan’ in the year 2012 which was received by her grandchildren Riya and Raima Sen.
Extremely selective about the movies she chose, Sen refused Raj Kapoor’s offer for a film underRK banner and could not work on Satyajit Ray’s ‘Devi Chawdhurani’ due to date hassles, a filmwhich Ray eventually never made.
After over 25 years in the limelight, Suchitra Sen retired from the film industry in 1978 andcontinues to live a life of seclusion and devotes her time to the Ramakrishna Mission. SuchitraSen was deprived of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2005, after she refused to go to New Delhiand personally receive the award from the President of India.
Known as the Greta Garbo of Bengali cinema, Sen is known for her performances in films “DeepJwele Jaai” and “Uttar Falguni” in Bengali as well as Hindi movies “Devdas”, “Bombai Ka Babu”,”Mamta” and “Aandhi”.
Sen, who lives a secluded life and stays locked up inside her apartment, said to be away from thelimelight the day she quit the acting and hardly made any public appearances since then and hasdevoted her time to the Ramakrishna Mission.

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