Andhra Mafia forged with Pishyculture defying education instn

Paralakhemundi : To start an educational institution at Gumma & Kashinagar block one person from Andhra Pradesh edged past to accumulate a plot and he publicized to open educational institution with qualitative education.Instead of going on his mission, he tipped to dig a pond to cultivate fishy culture. For which people from Kashinagar and Gumma Unitedly opposed against such false promise.

At Pedamadhi both blocks people fouled by such tricky plan of that tout.Led by Kedar Sabar, Secretary of All India Kisan Majdoor Union, opposed such trivial plan of that person.

As per information received,one landlord purchased that land. Later on MVenkatratnam from Andhra Pradesh, purchased that land contained more than 70 to 80 acres.

To bring cordiality with local people he expressed his interest to open a large educational institution to impart locals for better education for backward community of Gumma & Kashinagar block students.But instead of starting his mission changed to start Pishyculture.Even he accumulated subsidy grant from line department.When locals retorted he changed his plea that he is not getting any affiliation for educational institutions. So he changed his plan. Not only that while excavated for pond those extracted soil disposed at the farm of Chandrabhai Sabar, who cultivated there various horticulture products like banana, pineapple, mango,jackfruit & cashew;which destroyed after soil dumped. Further he agreed to pay compensation but so far not paid.Digging of pond brought pungent atmosphere & may be infected in that area.

Now in 30 acres of land still Pishyculture is going on.To avoid from polluted atmosphere, locals demanded interference of district administration,or else they will take strong action,retorted Kedar Sabar.

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