An Incarnation to Different Talent by a Tribal

Paralakhemundi : A tribal person passionated towards to local art & culture. Not only on farming but also an allround exhibitted by Rabisankar Majhi.

Belongs to Damadua of Mohana block Rabi staying with 2 brothers & 3 sisters with widowed mother & grand mother. On childhood he performed to play dance by listening music.

Studied at Adava Sishu Mandir his interest lied on dance.But his father wanted him to join in government service.On 2010 he learned Odissi dance at Brahmapur from Jayant Acharya.But on 2012 he has got posting as teacher at Beguniapada.

Rather he denied to join inspire of pressure of his father & even remained without food for 3 days. Family tried to sabotage him & at last he joined.

Still he continued to learn dance. from Durgacharan Ranbir. Now he is a prominent figure in Odissi dance. He performed in DD on a special program & brought all laurels for his village & block. Besides that having passion of caring birds & family.