Amnesty International urges G20 leaders to ensure more equitable vaccine distribution

Moscow : The G20 leaders have been urged to improve on their goals of reaching equitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution to poorer nations, a global watchdog made the call ahead of the G20 summit taking place in Rome next week.

“G20 leaders meeting in Rome must put aside greed and selfishness and ensure the fair global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines,” said Amnesty International ahead of this year’s G20 Summit in Rome, Italy, which takes place from 30-31 October.

Last year, the G20 summit was held online and saw the leaders agree to reach a goal of ensuring that Covid-19 vaccines were available to all those in need.

Secretary General of Amnesty International Agnes Callamard noted that since the first Covid-19 vaccine was administered, the death toll from the virus rose from 1.3 million to nearly 5 million.

“While G20 countries enjoy vaccination rates of around 63 per cent, only 10 per cent of the population in low and lower-middle income countries have been able to get vaccinated. What have these leaders been doing for the past year but hoarding and actively contributing to vaccine scarcity along with Big Pharma? The millions of deaths show a staggering disregard for human life, a disturbing moral acceptance that profit trumps lives, and a blatant neglect of their global obligations,” Callamard stressed.

Amnesty International accuses G20 countries of hoarding the vaccines and is calling on G20 leaders, asking them to commence the redistribution of Covid-19 vaccines.