Zee Music Company launches ‘Naa Dooja Koi’ – an ode to love and companionship

Mumbai : Zee Music Company on Friday launched yet another soulful and melodious track to enthrall the audience with their latest labour of love, ‘Naa Dooja Koi’.

Featuring Rakul Preet Singh and Pavail Gulati, the song is written and composed by Arko. Jyotica Tangri of Pallo Latke, Mungda, Khadke Glassy fame has lent her soulful voice to the song. Arko and Zee Music have been collaborating since its launch in 2014, producing mega hits such as ‘Teri Mitti’ , ‘Tere Sang Yaara’ , ‘Nazm Nazm’ , ‘Meherbaani.’

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Anurag Bedi, Chief Business Officer, Zee Music Company, said, ‘Naa Dooja Koi’ showcases the tender emotion of love & ambiguity in an arranged marriage. The song features the beautiful & talented actress Rakul Preet Singh & Pavail Gulati. The video is conceptually developed in-house & Vijay Ganguly has directed it.

”We have several hits with Arko , these are songs that we have developed with the composer over time & placed into our films. ‘Naa Dooja Koi’ is yet another gem to come from this highly productive collaboration and hope that it finds its way into the hearts of our viewers & listeners.’

Speaking on the launch, Rakul Preet Singh said, ”Working on ‘Naa Dooja Koi’ was really a memorable experience. I found that the song was, in many ways, a love note to passions that all of us carry with us. The comfort we all seek within a relationship anchors the entire song and our tendency to imbibe the best qualities of those we love is a refrain that carries the viewer till the last note. To me, ‘Naa Dooja Koi’ is one of those songs that lets you close your eyes and lose yourself and I am hopeful that the audience will be as transported as we were while we shot the video. It also portrays a strong message of how we need to empower each other in a relationship.”

Arko Pravo Mukherjee said, ”When you give your heart and your honest promise of togetherness to someone, when you truly trust someone, it takes courage. To love & trust another whole-heartedly is an act of bravery. Naa Dooja Koi is about that submission, that trust and that courage.”

Speaking about the song and choreography, ace choreographer Vijay Ganguly said ”Naa Dooja Koi was a wonderful experience for me. This is my first ever collaboration with Zee Music Company. When I heard the song I instantly felt the warmth and comfort it exuded, that’s exactly when I knew, in my mind, I had to bring out the same love and simplicity through the story”.

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