Show-cause Notice to 5 Dance Bars

Bhubaneswar: The ExciseDepartment of Odisha hasissued a show cause notice tofive dance bars at Cuttack road
area in Bhubaneswar on Sunday.The show cause was served tothese five bars in Bhubaneswarafter they had got evidenceregarding showering of currencynotes. Show cause notice toPentagon, Alishan, Mohanty
Bar, Ekamer Bar, Deepali Bar onCuttack Road. The departmenthas also planned to raid at night
clubs and pubs in the city.The excise department hasfound evidence of moneylaundering in violation of the
rules. After the policecrackdown, there will be a heavycrackdown on night clubs andpubs. A show cause notice willbe issued because he wasbreaking the law. License will berevoked where necessary.Yesterday latnight,Commissionerate Policeconducted raids at various bars

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