Shrimad Gita is not book but way to live life : Haryana Guv

Chandigarh : Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatraya on Tuesday said that Shrimad Gita is not a book but a way to live life as it has proved more than effective by increasing the self-confidence and moral values in the life of human beings even during the corona period. “Gita is not a book but a way to live life”, he said.

The Governor stated this at the launch of the first issue of an international research journal and a coffee table book prepared by ‘Gieo Gita’ and Gurugram University at the Raj Bhavan on Tuesday.

He said that history stands witness to the fact that Shrimad Bhagvad Gita has supported human beings in every hour of crisis. Giving his own example, he said that during the Corona period, he read the Gita daily, which boosted his morale. Recalling his memoirs, he said that even when he was in jail in 1976, the Gita proved to be effective in keeping his faith intact.

Mr Dattatraya said that Haryana is known as a ‘Veer Bhoomi’ all over the world and Kurukshetra in Haryana is the birthplace of Indian civilization and culture and the oldest centre of spiritual thought. “It was in Kurukshetra that Lord Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna. This is that great land, by applying ‘Tilak’ of soil on his head, man considers himself blessed”, he said.

He further said that the first verse of the Gita itself begins with ‘Dharmkshetra-Kurukshetra’ in which Kurukshetra has been given the name of Dharmakshetra. It is said that salvation is attained only by the water of the Ganga and the land and water of Varanasi alone have the power to give salvation, but the water, land and air of Kurukshetra are the providers of salvation. Therefore there is a spiritual confluence of all three in the land of Kurukshetra.

Describing the importance of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, the Governor said that Lord Shri Krishna has shown the path of welfare of mankind by filling the ocean of knowledge in the form of Gita consisting of 18 chapters and 700 verses. Its 700 verses expound 700 sutras of life. The truth is that it is the best guide to the solution of all the problems of human life and human management.

He appealed to the common people that we have to adopt our ‘karma culture’ for the progress of ourselves, society and our nation, inspired by the knowledge of Gita. Only then will we be able to survive the competition of developed countries in this era of globalization.

Mr Dattatraya said that the civilizations which did not preserve its cultural heritage got destroyed. “Therefore, we have to maintain the invaluable heritage of our Indian civilization and culture in every situation”, he said.

“Kurukshetra pilgrimage is also an integral part of this great heritage, whose splendour we are committed to maintain,” he added.

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