Rally against the tribunal verdict of Banshadhara river area

Paralakhemundi : After the verdict of the honorable court on the water dispute of the Banshadhara river, the Andhra government has again awakened the consciousness of the area after getting the statement that the Naredi project work was accelerated. When our area is full of water resources, we have always been deceived.

The public movement has started again with this slogan that we need a project on the head of the dynasty. To brighten this, the working people’s consciousness organization in Gunpur has come forward like before.

With the beginning of Banshadhara water dispute, against the Naredi water project that is going to be constructed by Andhra government near the Odisha border, under the leadership of late comrade Bhuban Mohan Patnaik, social worker and lawyer Pradeep Dash, creating awareness in the damaged areas near the Banshadhara border and on the head of the river Banshadhara near Gudari Development Revolution Cycle Yatra was started with the demand of making a water project by the Odisha government by building a water project at Pani Dangar and giving a proper response to the proposed Naredi project of Andhra government and making a grain attack to the dynasty ababahika area.

It started from February 2002, 27 and continues till March 15 Pradeep Das, Param Sabar, James Sabar, Sipon Sabar, Satya Sabar, Bimala Sabar, Vijaya Sabar and other assistant social workers who took part in this developmental revolutionary cycle rally of Rayagada district from Minajhula Shiva Pith near Gudari, Pahan at Kashinagar block of Gajapati district. Wanted to.

During this long journey, these people went to the villages of dynasty ababahika, conducted roadside meetings and raised public awareness to present the demand for water boat project. The cooperation and management of intellectual Pramod Sahu, Gauri Shankar Dash, social worker Indrakshi Prasad Dash and Ranjit Padhi were publicly praised to make this journey successful.

In the next time, the water boat project has been dissolved by the Naveen government in the last 2005 by the demand of the public as per the eyes of the religion. For which this has made the Andhra government easy to build the Naredi project. People’s movement has started again by beware of this.

The government which has not listened to the demands of the people of the area in the last 15 years, will this demand be fulfilled to the ears of that government, the question has arised.

After the verdict of the Honorable Court, the visits and reviews of the proposed Naredi project by various organizations and political parties workers have brought hope in the hearts of the people of the area.

We have to see what steps the government is taking regarding this.

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