To open the mystery of the death of ACF Soumyaranjan Parala police team went to Balasore and Mayurbhanj

Paralakhemundi : Police team went to Balasore and Mayurbhanj for further investigation into the burnt death of ACF Soumyaranjan Mahapatra in Paralakhemudi.

In Balasore, it is known that the police will also investigate Soumya’s wife Vidya Bharati in Mayurbhanj along with the questioning of Soumya’s mother. The big mystery of this incident is likely to be revealed.

While the case is slowly getting into a critical situation, there is no thos evidence in the hands of the police. So police has seized a diary from ACF Soumyaranjan’s quarters.

There are many important facts in this diary. No information has been given as there is a possibility of obstruction in the investigation. It is disrespectful that police will get important clues after checking the diary.

To investigate the incident, a 4-member team has been formed with District Police Officer Tapan Kumar Patnaik along with SDPO Ramakrishna Pati, Paralakhemundi Adarsh Police Station Officer Vivekananda Swain and a female police officer.

It is known that the family of Soumyaranjan who came two days ago has returned to Balasore. While Soumya’s family, his father Abhiram Mohapatra and relatives said they had faith in the police investigation process, the lawyer Parthasarathi Nayak who came along with him said that the diary was getting information about the deterioration of the married life.

Police will clarify its details after further investigation. No clue of being burnt on his own quard while police earlier called it an accident. The lawyer had told the media that it is clear that the incident has happened somewhere outside.

CCTV camera in front of DFO’s office has been unavoidable for many days while there are different discussions about Soumya’s death. Electricity in the pole in the arm of the quarter is also not burning for many days.

So there is a delay in gathering information about Soumya’s pre-death events and the movements of the characters in the police scan. So he has been stressed over a long time because of married life unrest, his family and friends have published on various media.

This is why it is clear that Soumya’s death happened. Till now, the incident has not come to light as Paralakhemundi forest officer Sangram Sekhar Behera, Soumya’s wife Vidya Bharati has not been investigated.

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