People Disgusted on Polluted Water at Jalachatra

Paralakhemundi : “Jalachatra” opened to supply & crunch thristy for trespassers at various wards of Paralakhemundi town. As scorching heat rising day by day since beginning of Summer, so after publicity in various electronic & printing media Paralakhemundi Municipality taken steps to open at various places.

At college square near auto stand,where passegers wait to go for their destination,feel thristy but found polluted water,instead of pure drinking water,in that jalachatra drum.Rather fear of Corona jinx revived yet again in town, so trespassers avoid to drink such water.Rather they retorted whether that water stored better can be used after defecation.

While contacted with Executive Officer of Paralakhemundi Municipality, yet to get reply.Need of random check by authorities, while storing from tanker,  in various places to sojourn water supply for drinking,citizens quipped.

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