Parala Municipality Awarded for Bio-Compost Technique on International Level

Paralakhemundi : Paralakhemundi Municipality has been awarded  Certificate with Citation by International Accurate Certification of UK for segregation dry & wet waste as manure fermentation.Such incredible innovations has been drawn on limelight on restorstion & processing through MCC(micro compost centre).

At Ramnagar a project launched to collect both dry & wet waste products from door to door through battery vehicles. Both waste saggregated separately & through mixture organic manure produced. Those leveraging to use in both agriculture/horticulture & also forest plantation. Those manure are sold per kg Rs. 20 & even send to outreach.

Under MCC so far 4 tons of such Bio-Compost processed where 2 tons provided to Horticulture & Agriculture Department. Now Forest department too on line to take up such residue components for their plantation work.

Idea generated during previous Collector-cum- Administrator Anupam Saha & supervised by Executive Officer Ashok Kumar Rout. One SHG, named RaniLaxmibai of ward no 2,given task of overall management. Even daily through battery vehicles from all 16 wards such dry & wet waste products are being collected & swachasaathis too on surveillance to sensitize those inhabitants while collecting from door to door.

Such plan launched since January 2021 & preparatory plan started on 2020.A great teamwork made successful of such interventions of recycling  dry & wet waste products as renewable organic use.

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