5-days-old Infant’s Kidneys and Liver Save Three Lives

Surat: Organs retrieved froma 5-day-old brain-dead infant inSurat city of Gujarat have givena fresh lease of life to threechildren who received hiskidneys and liver. The baby boywas born on October 13 at aprivate hospital here but hisparents’ joy was short-livedafter doctors said it was notmaking any movement.”He was rushed to anotherhospital in Surat city and kepton a ventilator. Despite their bestefforts, doctors realised that therewere no chances of any recoveryand the baby was eventuallydeclared brain-dead,” said VipulTalaviya, managing trustee of
NGO Jeevandeep OrganSanghani and his wife Chetna to save lives through organ donation.Harsh works as a diamond artisan and hails from Amreli district. Touchedby the appeal that the organs of their brain-dead son would give new lifeto other children, the couple and their family members gave theirconsent for the noble cause. The infant’s grandmother Rashmiben playeda key role in persuading others to go for the organ donation, saidTalaviya. “Since a distant member of the Sanghani family had receiveda heart through an organ donation initiative many years back, Rashmibentold the family that the time had come to repay that debt,” said Talaviya.After receiving the family’s consent, doctors at PP Savani Hospitalharvested two kidneys, two corneas, the liver and the spleen from thebody of the infant on Wednesday,” said Talaviya. As per the direction ofthe Gujarat State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (SOTTO),the corneas were donated to an eye bank in Surat, while the kidneys andthe spleen wereimmediately transported to the Institute of KidneyDiseases and Research Centre (IKDRC) in Ahmedabad. The liver was sentto the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) in New Delhi.

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