Odisha Cabinet Approves 16 Proposals

Bhubaneswar: OdishaCabinet chaired by ChiefMinister Naveen Patnaik hasapproved a proposal for thecreation of a separate Directorateof Museum for the State.”Inaccordance with the decision ofthe 2nd Heritage Cabinet, the
State Cabinet today approved thecreation of a separate Directorateof Museum for the State ofOdisha. In many other states aseparate Directorate exists formanagement of the Museum.Similarly there is a need forcreation of a separate Directoratefor Museums in the State for thepreservation, research andpublicity of the rich heritage of
cultural, artistic artefacts”,according to an official release.The Cabinet also approvedcreation of a new Curatorial Cadrei.e. Asst. Curator, Curator/ Asst.Director, Deputy Director, JointDirector and Joint Director-cum-Superintendent, Odisha StateMuseum has been Created alongwith creation of the post ofDirector, Museum and post ofrequired Ministerial andTechnical posts for theDirectorate of Museum.The Cabinet also approved the
creation of required Ministerialand Technical posts for theDirectorate along with creationof a separate ArchaeologicalCurator Cadre such as AssistantCurator, Curator/AssistantDirector, Deputy Director, JointDirector-cum-Superintendent,State Archaeology and Directorand an ArchaeologicalEngineering Wing.The Government has decidedto sign an MoU with Shri VileParle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM)for establishment of a world-classeducational campus of NMIMSUniversity in Bhubaneswar.Thissignificant initiative is designedto elevate the standard of higher
education in Odisha and createnew opportunities for academicexcellence.The proposedUniversity will act as a learningcentre that fosters national andglobal engagement in the field ofeducation. This will be proven
to be an edge for the OdishaDomicile students as SVKMcommits to admit 30% of itsstudents from Odisha based on
merit, the Higher EducationDepartment said.The StateGovernment will provide SVKM40 acres of land on lease in Gouda Kashipur, Jatni, Bhubaneswar forestablishment of the University. The educational campus will bedeveloped by SVKM in phases. The Government will facilitate landidentification and provide essential utilities. This collaboration holdsimmense promise for the advancement of higher education and academicexcellence in Odisha. It aligns seamlessly with the state’s vision tonurture human resource development and bolster its reputation as a hub
for quality education, the Higher Education Department added. TheCabinet led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today recommended theproposal for the Inclusion of Mundari language in the 8th Schedule ofthe Constitution of India.Inclusion of the “Mundari” language in the8th schedule will benefit the Munda and Mundari tribes of Odisha It willbe helpful in the preservation and promotion of the Mundari languageand culture. The trend of shifting to other languages by the Mundarispeakingpeople will be regulated. It will also stimulate literaryactivity.More literaryactivities like the publication of different categoriesof books will get momentum. The indigenous knowledge and practicesof Mundari Mundari-speaking population will be preserved. The movewill help open a new window for research and studies anchored aroundthe preservation and promotion of ” Mundari” Language.The cabinetdecision to recommend the inclusion of Mundari language in the 8thschedule will have no financial implications.

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