No plan to remove Taliban from terror list: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Moscow : Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Oleg Syromolotov on Monday said Moscow is not in a hurry to recognize the new leadership in Afghanistan and does not plan to remove the Taliban from its terror list.

“We do not intend to rush to exclude the Taliban movement from the Russian list of terrorist organizations, or to recognize the new Afghan authorities. We will focus on the practical steps of the new Afghan authorities and the relevant decisions of the UN Security Council,” news agency Sputnik quoted Syromolotov as saying.

The Deputy Foreign Minister further pointed out that it is important that the Taliban has guaranteed amnesty to the Afghan security forces and promised that there would be no purges.

“We also consider as important the assurances of the Taliban movement that it will not allow the use of the territory of Afghanistan against third party countries,” Syromolotov said.