NCDC Submitted on Reservation to Dalit Christian Community

Paralakhemundi : On behalf of NCDC(National Council of Dalit Christians) submitted a memorandum to Secretary to Governor, addressed to Prime Minister on their suppression to declare reservation to SC(Christian) community.

They affirmed on attrocities like untouchabilities & society hoodwinked them to recognize them as citizen which still a pillar culture.

Where every religion has sanctity to live with recognition but they are deprived of benefits with other backward communities. Being partial difference instinct their stigmatized livelihoods & uppishly isolated to live with smile.

Constitution 1950 on Scheduled caste denied other than Hindu deemed to ensure on reservation rights, which brings their offsprings & even they are shattered in presence of higher caste.

One athelete too recently at Olympics too denounced by local people being in downtrodden caste. So their legitimate demand may be granted to live with sanctity among other backward communities.

Former Chief Justice Ranganath Mishra too recommended to eradicate clause 3 in Indian Constitution & may be enrolled them.

Prafulla Kumar Lima & Bikas Kumar Bardhan President & Secretary  of NCDC were present while submitted memorandum.