Memorandum given to Collector against RI for Land Documents

Paralakhemundi : Chandiput RI(Revenue Inspector)under Mohana Tehsil from a plot khata no 7,tried to transfer to daughter(Anusuya Dalapati)’s name, which was in the name of father.

RI Chintamani Panigrahi taken Rs. 70000 to transfer accordingly. Later on for sketch map & EC of site again taken another Rs. 70000.

Now that RI is demanding to register land documents in 11 members name & asking per head Rs. 5500. As those land holders are under poverty stricken with much difficulties given through debt 1.40 lakhs on 2 instalments.

Now they are totally blanked nor able to pay rest amount.

At last they demanded through Tehsildar Mohana, addressed to Collector & Sub Collector by putting their grievances.

Those victims are Karnalu Majhi, Suresh Majhi, Kishan Majhi, Bijay Majhi, Anant Majhi, Bango Majhi, Jiyosaya Majhi, Ruben Majhi, Nara Majhi & Jirmoyo Majhi.

Rather that RI retorted not to expose before higher authorities or else their names of revised documents will not be transferred. Those victims requested to refund those bribed amount of 1.40 lakhs & register in above those applicants name.

As an information received now that RI Panigrahi requesting those complainants to refund the amount & not to complain against him.