Let Nature be Your Teacher

Certain rules of behavior and conduct are absolutely essential for the smooth running of our
daily existence. Without theseguiding  principles it is impossible to lead our life happily. These
principles have yielded goodresults through practice sincecenturies. As such principles have
become a part of our code ofconduct, they are called by thename Discipline. There have been
in the past persons who were theembodiment of personal disciplinethat astonished many. Their
behavior and conduct has addedlustre to discipline to a greatextent. Not only that, they have
adapted the principles accordingto the needs of changing times!Discipline consists in the strict
observance of rules andregulations and directions. It isonly when discipline is observedthat any act or duty can yield thedesired result. At presentproduction of food, buildinghomes, and manufacturing cloth and other materials are at theirpeak. Modern society is in direneed of tolerance, humility,brotherhood and compassion!.A life without discipline is aship without a rudder. It loses itsdirection and drifts into unknownwaters. Discipline is the need ofthe hour to combat the flood ofhate and derision and when thoseshy away on whom you haveplaced your trust. One without adisciplined mind is a wildelephant in a rut. It is not as ifdiscipline can be inculcated all ofa sudden. It has to catch theyoung very early so that theprinciples are practiced regularly.Discipline is absolutely essentialfor success in every field ofactivity whether it is economic,social, educational or material andmundane. Discipline is all themore important for success in thespiritual field! “ The sages havediscovered the disciplines that willkeep you unaffected by defeat orvictory, loss or gain. Learn them,establish yourself in unruffledpeace.” Says Bhagawan Sri SriSatya Sai Baba. Unfortunatelydiscipline is significantly absentin almost every walk of life.There is much cause for concernin the educational field. Studentshave no respect for the teachers.Malpractices in examinationshave become common! A fewviolent attacks on teachers are alsoreported! Veneration and love forthe teacher is missing very badly.Even in society there is no regardfor discipline! Fraud, cheating,robbery, murder, lust and rapehave become too common to bewondered at! Society has becomeone of loose morals mainlybecause of lack of discipline!
There is discipline increation. As William Wordsmithsaid, “ Let Nature be yourteacher” we can lessons fromNature that is the best examplefor strict discipline. The sun risesand sets regularly in the morningand evening. The sea beats itswaves continuously against theshore but never crosses it.Seasons change regularly andsmoothly. Is this not discipline?Who is controlling all activities
of Nature? It is because of thestrict discipline exhibited byNature man is able to live happily
and peacefully. Imagine whatwill happen if the sea or oceancrosses the shores. We know what
catastrophe occurred when thetsunami struck! In the samemanner, the world will suffer if
there is a change in sun rise andsun set. God has commandedNature to adhere to disciplinestrictly. While Nature is a strictfollower of discipline, it is manwho has no discipline and breaks
the laws of Nature! Man has tobe ready for the dangers thatensue whenever he breaks the laws
of Nature. Life is not a bed ofroses. It is a veritable jungle fullof bushes and brambles, dense
impenetrable trees and rough anddusty paths. In order to wadethrough the wild forest you need
a pair of proper shoes. Likewiseone should have strict disciplineand sense regulations to come out
of the forest of life unscathed.Chairperson, Nalanda publicSchool, Cuttack


Chairperson, Nalanda publicSchool, Cuttack

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