Jajpur Couple Sets Example by Saving Two Lives

Jajpur: In a heartwarming display of selflessness and community spirit, Jajpur residents Saroj Kumar Behera ,notable social worker his wife Sagar Tanya Das celebrated their daughter’s 2nd birthday in a truly remarkable way. The couple chose to mark this special occasion by donating two units of blood at the Jajpur Road Community Health Center, thereby immediately fulfilling
the urgent requirements of a pregnant woman and a thalassemia patient. Their act of kindness reflects the essence of compassion and generosity that resonates deeply in their community.
The Jajpur Road Community Health Center was in dire need of blood donations to support critical medical cases, and the timely gesture by Saroj Kumar Behera and
Sagar Tanya Das proved to be a lifeline for those in need. Their donation exemplifies the power of individuals coming together to make a significant difference in their community’s healthcare system, Rajesh Kumar Rout a promising blood donor of the district Jajpur highlighted the noble steps taken by the couple. “Saroj Behera and Sagar Tanya Das have set a
heartwarming example of selflessness and compassion by choosing to celebrate their daughter’s 2nd birthday with the gift of life through voluntary blood donation. Their noble act reminds us that the true measure of a celebration lies not in extravagance, but in the impact it has on the lives of others. Let their kindness inspire us all to find meaningful ways to spread love and
positivity in our communities.” – Mohan Maharana, Eminent Social Activist of Jajpur district added. Additionally, in another gesture of goodwill, the couple planted 50 fruit, flower, and
medicinal trees at the Lord Jagannath Temple in their village. These trees, intended to be a lasting gift to their community, will provide sustenance, beauty, and healing properties for generations to come. The support for this tree-planting initiative came from Dharmendra Kar, Founder Way2 ISR Foundation, which is known for its commitment to fostering positive change
and sustainable development in communities across the region through individual social responsibility. The foundation’s involvement in this project further emphasizes the importance
of collaboration between individuals and organizations to create meaningful impact. “Dharmendra Kar has beautifully captured the essence of Saroj Kumar Behera and
Sagar Tanya Das’s inspiring actions on individual social responsibility. Their selflessness on their daughter’s birthday is a beacon of hope and a reminder of the incredible impact individuals can make when they choose to give back to their community. Let us all be motivated by their example and continue to spread kindness and compassion in Jajpur and beyond.”

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