First passenger plane from Iran arrives in Afghanistan : Source

Kabul : The first passenger flight from Iran since the Taliban’s (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) takeover landed in the Afghan capital on Wednesday, a Kabul airport source told Sputnik.

There were 14 people on board the aircraft from Iran, the source said.

On September 9, over 100 passengers arrived in Doha, Qatar, on the first civilian flight from the Afghan capital since the US-led evacuation ended. Qatar said that it had worked with Turkey to help restore equipment at the Kabul airport damaged during the withdrawal of foreign troops.

On Monday, a Taliban spokesman told Sputnik that while domestic flights had resumed in Afghanistan, “a little bit of work” was still required for international flights to resume, because of heavy damage to the Kabul airport.

The US military withdrawal from Afghanistan was completed on August 31, ending the nearly twenty-year American military presence in Afghanistan. Last week, the Taliban announced the composition of Afghanistan’s temporary government.

Internationally recognized Afghan President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country for the United Arab Emirates after the Taliban took over the capital, Kabul, on August 15. The seizure of power has forced thousands of Afghans to flee for fear of reprisals from the militants.