Essence of Education

Education, in the modern context, has acquired a new meaning – a new dimension thoroughly unsuited to the real concept of learning. the democratization of educational institutions and industrial civilization have helped to defeat the very purpose of education today. It seems as if it is a victim of mistaken thinking and short sighted planning. India’s glorious past was credited with an excellent educational system, deeply rooted in our tradition, culture, noble ideals and spiritual values, all of which were conducive to scientific laws of life and growth. But the glamor of material affluence, bolstered by the scientific and technological achievements of the West, has clouded our vision and we feel least inclined to recall and revive the immensely rich cultural heritage of our own country. This is simply unfortunate. The universities of today,compared to the universities of ancient India, present a very dreary and gloomy picture. Students do not consider learning as a means of discovering themselves. They have no reverence for learned, on which was founded our entire edifice of life’s philosophy. As they have no Ideal, no dedicated teachers to guide them, to instill in them a sense of self reliance, selfreliance, self confidence and a sense of social responsibility
through practical loving demonstration of their character, they find themselves misdirected, disintegrated,
unadjusted and frustrated. A commercial relationship between the teacher and the teacher is extremely
detrimental to a healthy relationship and effective communication between the two. The result has studentindiscipline,
violence, disturbances, chaos and academic unrest throughout the country.In spite of all this, very often
and in quick succession, experiments are made in the field of education to make it more meaningful and
comprehensive and methods are evolved to restore a proper academic atmosphere in the periphery of educational
policy of the Government, hectic efforts are afoot to make education job oriented instead of culture oriented. Perhaps
the Government holds that job oriented education will provide scope to the educated boys and girls to earn their living and thereby the chaotic situation will gradually ceaseto exist. But this is no solutionto the basic problem of
education. If it is so, then the definition of the aim and objectof education has to be changed. It is significant to put here a portion of the report by the National Education Commission.The role of parents is alsono less important in educating the offspring. Children keep a sharp eye on the movement and dealings of their parents. Very quickly they imitate and imbibe what their parents do. So, through the bond of love,with occasional rebukes,children may be cautiously shaped and fashioned by parents to a desired end. But that needs an Ideal centric go of life by the parents. That is why home is said to be the first training ground for learning. Thus, there are many ways of learning and each of them is equally important in itself. Education, as it was in the past should be made Ashram oriented but not like the residential universities of today. Ashram is a place where knowledge is gained through work and devotedly sincere obedience to the commands of the Guru. In and through this a coordination between moto nerve and sensory nerve is
effectively possible. Naturally, it gives an opportunity to integrate the disciples’ personality through meaningful proper adjustment between thought, speech and deeds. Thus the integrated personality is further excelled
by coordinating Ideal,individual and environment. This is the clue to the achievement of the wholeness of personality. Mere acquisition of knowledge is fruitless unless it is tested through application to practical work. This is the way knowledge is enriched by experience and tempered with wisdom. Wisdom makes life qualitative and the quality of life is more important than life itself. This is the whole truth about real education and we should reflect upon this and realize its essence. It has been rightly said that “no life ever grows unless it is focused, dedicated and disciplined.” We must endeavor to shift our emphasis from to real, from temporary to permanent and from idea to
Ideal. Let us boldly accept the wrong done to education so far and start thinking and working afresh in the light of
the outline given above, if we wish to make education meaningful. It is a felt experience that “our success in life may not depend upon accepting right as right but surely on accepting wrong as wrong”. Educationist & State Resource person, Sri Satya Sai Seva Sangathan, Odisha, Jhanjirimangala, Cuttack ,Mob. : 7008181820

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