Delhi HC makes mask mandatory for those driving alone

New Delhi, Apr 7 (UNI) In view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the National Capital, Delhi High Court order on Wednesday made wearing of mask mandatory even for person driving alone in a car, saying that the vehicle will be taken as a “public place”.

“When a car stops at a traffic signal, a driver often has to roll down their window. The coronavirus is so contagious that even in that time, anyone can be infected,” the Court said, adding that the mask acts as a ‘suraksha kavach’ (safety armour), which would prevent the spread of Covid-19. Wearing a mask in Delhi was compulsory for everyone.

The order came a day after night curfew was imposed in the National Capital from 2200 hrs to 0500 hrs as the union territory continues to report positive cases in four-digits daily.

The order is based on a petition by lawyer Saurabh Sharma, who approached the court challenging a Rs 500 fine for not wearing a mask, which he said he was forced to pay although he was driving alone.

Justice Prathiba M Singh said, “Even if you are alone in the car, why object to wearing a mask? It is for your own safety.”

“The pandemic crisis has increased. Whether a person is vaccinated or not, they should wear masks,” she further added.

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