COVID: Mah Health Dept appeals public to take 6-min walk test

Mumbai, Apr 19 (UNI) Maharashtra Health Department has appealed the people to take the 6-minute walk test at home so as to check if the lungs are in good health or not.

The idea came up during a recent review meet, Health Dept’s Principal Secretary Dr Pradeep Vyas told, adding that there is a need to raise about the test amid the COVID surge.

He said, “The test will make the citizens aware of the hidden lack of oxygen in the blood so that the needy patient can be admitted to the hospital on time. Individuals experiencing symptoms of fever, chills, cough or corona as well as patients in home isolation may be tested.”

“Before doing this test, put a pulse oximeter in the finger and record the oxygen on it. Then keep the oximeter as well as the finger in the house walk for six minutes (do not walk on the steps). In the meantime, do not walk too fast or too slowly, but walk moderately,” he explained.

He further said, “After walking for six minutes, note the oxygen level again. If the oxygen level does not decrease even after walking for six minutes, then it should be considered as good health. Suppose oxygen is reduced by one to two per cent, then repeat the same test twice a day without worrying to see if there is any change.”

He continued, “If after six minutes of walking the oxygen level drops below 93, the level drops to more than 3 per cent of the level before the start of walking, or after six minutes of walking you feel short of breath, then the person should be hospitalized on the understanding that he is deficient in oxygen.”

“People who have shortness of breath while sitting should not do this test. People above 60 years of age can do this test by walking for 3 minutes instead of 6 minutes,” he highlighted.

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