Congress supports BJP, demands review of liquor ban law

Patna, Jan: Congress on Monday came in support of BJP in demanding reviewof liquor ban law amid ongoing tussle on theissue between BJP and JD(U), two major coalition partners of ruling NDA government headed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bihar.
Leader of Congress Legislative Party in Assembly Ajeet Sharma told media persons here that Bihar BJP president Sanjay Jaiswal had rightly demanded immediate review of liquor ban law to enforce prohibition more strictly in the state.
There were many loopholes in liquor ban law which made it difficult to enforce complete prohibition in the state, he added.
Sharma said that liquor was being sold and consumed in all states across the country barring Bihar
and Jharkhand.
What would happen with ban on liquor in only two states across the country, he asked.
Congress leader demanded Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to convene all party meeting on liquorban law to discuss all its aspects for review of liquor ban in Bihar.
There was nexus between officials, policemen and liquor mafia which made it difficult to enforce liquor ban and poor were losing their lives due to consumption of spurious liquor, he added.
Sharma said that liquor should be allowed for restricted sale in Bihar as being done in Gujarat.
It would check illegal liquor trade activities, he further said adding that government could increase
the tax three times to check its large scale consumption.

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