Competitions among business magnets for liquor shops at Andhra border

Paralakhemundi : For opening of foreign liquor firms business men are at race to open near Andhra border area of Paralakhemundi. Kashinagar & Gosani being the borders of Paralakhemundi, usually people from Andhra Pradesh purchase foreign liquor on cheaper rates.For which sales increase in border areas.

After notifications through tender for 19 shops 767 applications received.For 7th shop at Garabandha  highest 114 applications received where as for 9th shop minimum 6 applications received.Those will be done through lottery system too.Where as in Paralakhemundi town minimum applications  received but at border areas like Hadubhangi, Garabandha,Upplada & Kashinagar demand from applicants increase.

As per new policy of government security deposits for 5 years one dealer has to pay including one lakh (non-refundable) totally three lakhs to pay as security deposit,declared by Excise department.For such in Gajapati district non-refundable 6.76 crores revenue collected this year.

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