Blue Splash Water Park cool Puri in Summer

Puri: Good news for tourists. Water parks and forest camps on the Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road have become new destinations for tourists. Tourists can also enjoy eco-tourism and adventure sports in the forest camp. There are also attractive packages for tourists and safety and security. Water parks and forest camps have been reopened following the catastrophic floods and the aftermath of the Corona epidemic.

The water park and forest camp are located on a 36-acre site near the Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road, just 9 km from Puri. Water parks and forest camps are ideal places for families to have close relationships, face adversity and disruptions in their lives, with physical balance and balance, and so on. Tourists visiting Puri can about 40 activate here.

It will also feature a variety of wildlife species to attract tourists. Of the 36 acres, only 18.5 acres are forest camps. There are commando nets, jeep lines, archers, rifle shooting, river crossing, paddle boating, V bridge, wall climbing, and more. Trained trainers from the National Adventure Federation are employed for this. There are also wooden and Banjara tents and AC bunkers.

The Blue Flash Water Park has four lifeguards. In 2018 alone, 1.5 million tourists came here. There is a variety of packages for tourists as well as food, drink, night walk. Tourists from across the state and country are coming here to enjoy it. Many are choosing this place as it has plenty of entertainment, especially for young people, couples and small children.

While the water park is free for tourists who have packaged, tourists can get a variety of activities at the forest camp with the water park for just Rs 500. Tourists and their families are enjoying the water park during the dry summer season. The family is also happy that there are special facilities for children.

Tourists, on the other hand, have lockers for carriage bags and luggage, while charges Rs 100 per locker. Tourists have expressed little dissatisfaction with that. The area, which includes special economic zones, has a sanctuary near it, with all the permits from the district administration as well as the PKDA. Tourists coming in packages will also have the opportunity to see deer at night.

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