Andhra Vehemently Verge to Own Gangabada at their Map

Paralakhemundi : Andhra government since 9th September vide unauthorized intrusion by their Minister at Manikapatna showed their stringent action to capture Odisha den at any cost.

Since 9th September incident Gajapati district administration yet to take counter action against their redtapism.

Neither case registered against that Minister who face to face barked before ADM. So already a week passed except some government staff visits regarding Social Security schemes program to beneficiaries.

Except that no strong action taken. Rather those villagers are threatened by Andhra government not to take admission in Mandasa school of those students of Gangabada unless they deject support from Odisha government.

As Mandasa is their marketing & other health facilities, so they are now strong to wake up Gajapati district administration of their sufferings.BJP leader Bhrugu Buxipatra too annoyed on negligence of state government to open their mouth on area people sufferings.

Recently villagers of Gangabada gathered to address their core issue like road construction & other support to have direct communication with Gajapati district administration. Unnecessary malafied cases against village leaders by Andhra government growing their apathy & jinx to livelihoods.

Warning of Andhra government to take any benefits from Odisha government still a hard breathing issue too. They repeatedly appealed before Gajapati district administration for their safety & security of every villager of Gangabada panchayat when Andhra security personnels are round the clock made tent at Manikapatna. That may expand other areas as insisted treason at Odisha den.

Hue & cry yet to sorted out in between both states where these poor tribals will be victim & trapped by false & illegal action by Andhra government.