The trinity of Sri Jagannath temple enters sanctum sanctorum of Gundicha temple

Puri : Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabhadra and Sister Devi Subhadra were taken to the sanctum sanctorum of Gundicha temple on pahandi by the servitors this afternoon.

The trinity, riding on their chariot arrived at the gate of the Gundicha temple last evening and stayed the night on their respective chariots.

This morning , the day began with priests performing Mangal arati, Mailum, Tadap lagi, Abakash. The priests dressed the deities with new clothes and offered Gopal bhog. In the noon Sukhili (dry bhog and fruits) were offered in Madhyanha dhup(launch).

At around 2 pm, the servitors untied the wooden horses and fixed charamalas (ladders) to each chariot to facilitate Pahandi (escorting deities from the chariots) to Garbhagruha of Gundicha temple. At about 3 pm, Daita servitors began Goti Pahandi starting with Lord Balabhadra.

During Goti Pahandi servitors first escort
Lord Balavadra and after placing him in the Adop Mandop, take Devi Subhadra and in the end seat Lord Jagannath at the Adop Mandop.

The deities would be offered Dahipakhal (a mixture of curd and rice) after they were accorded Mahasnan and dressed in fresh clothes.

During the night the priest would perform Badasimhar vesha before Pahuda (sleep).

On Wednesday all regular rituals would resume with offering of cooked bhog called Adop Abhada.

As per belief whoever takes Adop Abhada in Gundicha temple after offering prayers to the Trinity gets salvation.

Since devotees eagerly wait to feast on Adop Abhada, administration has made arrangements with the suar and mahasuar to make available adop abhada for devotees on payment at the Nursingh temple.

Though administration had lifted curfew from the city after three chariots reached Gundicha temple section 144 Cr Pc has been enforced around the Gundicha temple to prevent gathering of devotees.

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