Tata Steel receives and Health Excellence Recognition 2023

Kolkata: Tata Steel’s Real-time visualization ofrisk movement under its recently implementedProcess Safety Management has been recognised byWorld Steel Association with Safety and HealthExcellence Recognition 2023. world steel organisesSafety and Health Excellence Recognition Programmeannually among its member steel companies acrossthe globe to identify and highlight the most innovativeand impactful safety practices in the industry. TataSteel’s Process Safety Management focuses oneliminating incidents with the potential to result in
multiple injuries/fatalities, as well as causingsubstantial economic, property and environmentaldamage, both within the steel manufacturing unitsand across surrounding communities, according to amedia statement on Wednesday. The Company hastaken a pioneering approach to manage highconsequence process safety risks through a welldefinedframework of process safety and has beendriving several initiatives. world steel has recognised
Tata Steel’s innovative approach to real-timevisualisation of risk movement that aims to providereal-time insights and alerts on the level of risk. Thisinitiative displays the commitment of the Companytowards its goal of ZERO Harm. Rajiv Mangal, VicePresident, Safety, Health & Sustainability, Tata Steel,said: “As an industry leader, Tata Steel recognisesthe need to be proactive about the safety of both itsemployees and its assets that are vulnerable to risks.To achieve excellence in process safety management,we have been leveraging digital technology to induce
timely maintenance of Process Safety CriticalEquipment, leading to reductions in failure of criticalequipment. Our Process Safety School of Excellence- a 3-tier capability development (learner,practitioner, expert) system, has also been developedto enhance process safety competency of employees,which we expect to extend to all locations. This willfurther strengthen the capabilities of our employeeswho have over the last decade or so built a worldclassdigital framework to ensure our plants,processes and people are ready for the steelmanufacturing. We are delighted to be recognised byworld steel for our efforts in this critical area of steelmaking.” Under the recently implemented Process
Safety Management protocol, all high-potentialsafety risk scenarios were identified by the Companyby implementing a Process Safety Managementframework that will prevent and mitigate highpotentialscenarios. Tata Steel felt the need oftracking the health of the barriers on a real-time basis.Real-time visualisation uses modern technology and
digitalisation tools to capture early failure indicationsin safety barriers present in hazardous processes.

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