Suspense is increasing the death of ACF Soumyaranjan Scientific and police investigation

Paralakhemundi : Suspense is increasing to suspicious death of Paralakhemudi ACF Soumyaranjan Mohapatra. Police and scientific teams have started a wide investigation to disclose its mystery.

In Paralakhemundi, the incident of youth OFS officer as well as assistant forest conservator (ACF) Soumyaranjan Mohapatra being burnt and lost his life has become more mysterious.

It seems that there was no sign of fire in ACF quarters. Soumyaranjan’s father Abhiram Mohapatra, family member and lawyer Parthasarathi Nayak opened the keys of quarters in Parala and police and scientific team investigated.

DFO had Soumya’s quarters keys. Scientific team and police investigation officers were unable to obtain any clue or information about the fire inside the Quarters room or something similar.

All the places in the quarters were inspected differently. But the police didn’t get any support like being burnt in fire. Did’nt a little smell of smoke in the room or Didn’t feel the smell of kerosene in the room.

While there were lots of plastic items, polythene, paperwork, and cans in the room, there were no signs of a fire. There was no appropriate evidence of a man being burnt in the room.

So while police did not give any information in front of media, additional SP Bamdev Singh also refused to give any comment on this. So the police have taken the ACF’s death more seriously.

If the curtain is removed from the mystery, the truth of the incident will come to light. Police have informed that Gajapati DFO Sangram Keshari Behera will be investigate shortly.

Police have clarified that the wife of the dead Soumya will also be by bringing her to Paralakhemundi and investigate. Wife of Soumya Smt. Bidyabharati, DFO Sangram Keshari Behera, and Cook’s names were shown in the assault given by ACF Soumya’s father, police said the fact will come to after investigation.

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